Custom Off Grid Solar Solutions

From a single 12V high amp custom batteries to engineered off grid consulting BoonDockers Power Company is ready to serve your solar needs.

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Our Off Grid Solar Promise

Helping To Bring Your Ultimate Solar Ideas To Life

At BoonDockers Power Company, we go above and beyond on every solar project design because we share your passion for excellence. It is our privilege to create an amazing new off grid solar system design for your RV or house boat. We promise to always exceed your expectations no matter what it takes.

We are your source for custom engineering, LiFePo4 batteries, and design consulting. We can design and engineer a complete system for you along with supplying system diagrams, schematics, materials, and equipment list.

Some Of Our Most Popular Services

Custom RV Off Grid Solar 

Custom designed for each individual with the ability to be completely independent of shore or generator power.  We can do a complete engineered design and schematics.

LiFePo4 Batteries

Our batteries are of the highest quality and are available to the "do-it yourselfer" as well. From 12v 100 amp hr to 48v 320 amp hr batteries.

Custom Design and Consulting

We can diagram and supply detailed custom  schematics for the do-it-yourselfer or the professional installer.

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Designing The Perfect Solar System

One of the main aspects that sets RV solar companies apart from competitors is our eye for innovation. We buy our products from only the highest reputable companies. Every battery we offer has been carefully chosen and thoroughly tested prior to being offered to our clients.

Simply Outstanding Craftsmanship

Each individual project will be thoroughly analyzed, designed and engineered with an extreme “attention to detail”.  We manufacture the batteries from Grade A prismatic cells and smart temperature monitoring Battery Monitoring Systems (BMS).
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Case Study - Our Own Off-Grid Solution
We have converted a 2018 Cougar 5th wheel to a complete off grid RV with enough solar, battery storage, and inverter capability to completely power everything from the sun.

Custom Battery Builds
Call us about making a custom battery bank for you needs.

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Solar Systems Myths

Solar myths: “the solar panels and batteries are very expensive and won't last very long” Today's technologies are producing very long-lasting panels and batteries at historically low prices with life expediencies upwards of 25 years.

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Who We Are

The Ideal Off Grid Solar for RVs and House Boats

BoonDockers Power Company is a family business born from the love of engineering and designing combined with a love of boondocking. We look at every aspect of design from a multitude of angles to produce the best and most cost-effective systems.

The Ideal Build Team

We design and engineer a solution to fit your needs and budget.

The Ideal Materials

We can design a elevated "rail" systems to clear vents, AC units, and most any roof mounted fixtures which enables you to add more solar panels as a well as creating shade for your roof.

The Ideal Battery Technology

Custom LiFePo4 battery engineering and construction for 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V systems with a multitude of amp hour sizes with smart BMSs.

Our Team

Bill Moore

Bill is the founding member of BoonDockers Power Company. He was born into a family of engineers with a natural aptitude and ability. His father, Everett Moore, was an electrical and mechanical engineer. While having no formal schooling, Bill worked hand in hand beside his father for many years and has had an extensive and practical education in all of the aspects of mechanical and electrical engineering.

Debby Moore

Debby is Bills wife and partner.
They have been married over 40 years and have been in business for most of that time. Debby's ability at customer relations, scheduling and organization are second to none. We personally guarantee that you will love your experience dealing with her as well as our entire team.

Brian Moore

Brian is our son and head
mechanic. He is trained and highly skilled in most all forms of welding and assembly of our systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you solar systems cost?

Our goal is to be as cost efficient as possible and offer our services at a fair price. From a simple single battery to a complete complex system, we will make them as affordable as possible with no compromise to quality.

How long can I stay off the grid?

Depending on the size of the system indefinitely. With the given space we can design a system that would power your RV or boat for several days with no sun.

Can I buy equipment and batteries from you?

Yes! We can supply the do-it-yourselfer with all the components to complete a system yourself and can even offer advice and design for any given project.


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